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Business Plans


Business plans are a blueprint of your business, and whether it is for a one year or three to five year horizon we can help in their formulation. Business plans provide a ‘road map’ for the business which helps in the management of the business and facilitates communication to internal and external stakeholders. They also support investment and growth of the business through a clear strategic vision.


Part-time / Interim Finance Director or Financial Controller


Based in Suffolk, and as business owners ourselves, March Consulting has personal experience in financial management in various organisations. We know the challenges of running a business. If you are looking for someone to spend defined periods of time working on the day-to-day financial management, meeting regulatory deadlines, one-off projects or looking to improve finance processes and controls we can provide a tailored service for a defined cost. This allows you to spend time where it is of most benefit to your business and its future growth. 

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