Payroll and Auto Enrolment 


We provide cost-effective monthly payroll reporting and payslip issuance to over 30 employers per month. These clients range in size from a single employee to those with 10+ employees. 


As part of this service we also provide end of year P60's and PllD submissions where appropriate. 


For some of our clientele we have been requested to undertake the responsibility of ensuring all the pension auto-enrolment responsibilities are met. Once the pension scheme has been selected, we ensure all the compliance requirements are met - from the issuance of auto-enrolment letters to new employees, from the transfer of relevant data to the selected pension provider and subsequent Declaration of Compliance to The Pensions Regulator. 


Payroll processing is a regular and ongoing compliance requirement which we believe will only increase over time as more benefits are 'payrolled' and the distinction between employment and self-employment status continues to be tested by HM Revenue & Customs. 

Flexible Payment Planning
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